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Trang Giay Trang - Pham Truong

[postlink] http://nhac-karaoke.blogspot.com/2010/10/trang-giay-trang-pham-truong.html[/postlink] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrnSIgJMTeQendofvid
[starttext] Trang Giấy Trắng - Phạm Trưởng

Subtitles & Karaoke FX by : Scott Nguyễn

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Anonymous said...

i can't turn off the voice on this song is there something wrong

Scott Nguyen said...

you have to Download Karaoke to turn off the singers voice. Click Download for download link :)

Anonymous said...

hello anh Scott

i did dl the song and play on my dvd player when i press audio to turn off the voice it doesn't work. it has only one audio source. all the other song works great though. can you check this one out again thanks so much. and another song is like that too Hay xem la giac mo- chu bin

Scott Nguyen said...

Trang Giay Trang - Pham Truong &
Hay Xem La Giac' Mo - Chu Bin

has been updated to Dual Audio Tracks ;)

Anonymous said...

thx so much
you're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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